If you are here it’s probably because like me, you are going through a storm, looking for answers and wondering what to do, or maybe you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration to get you through the next moment, hour or day.  Maybe you’re struggling to hold yourself together, maybe you’re struggling to have hope.  Maybe you’re tired of the struggle and pain and fear and worry.  Perhaps you’re having difficulty keeping the faith.

This site is about going and getting through the storms of life. I’m not saying I have any answers for your particular situation, but I do have decades of experience going through/getting through life storms (a.k.a trials, tests, tribulations) and thriving afterwards.  Currently my life has been shaken up like never before.  Frankly speaking, life as I previously knew it is gone.  It kind of feels like a tsunami hit my life.  The destruction began 4 years ago.  It started with the death of my mother – and the waves kept coming.  Although I’m still “going through,” I thought maybe I could put my pain to some use and help others.  I have been blessed with some very special friends, successful people who have been a great help in my journey.  I will also be sharing their advice on storm navigation with you too.  My hope is that you find something here that will help you.


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